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Offices for rent in Dubai

Ultimate guide to get an office for rent in Dubai

Dubai is a fast-approaching monetary and rapidly growing economy in the Middle East. This is why most of the firms and business visionaries dream to set up their workplaces in the city. Although owning a property isn’t plausible, especially when it’s just a startup, most of the firms feel that it is a genuinely normal choice to find an office space for rent in Dubai. However, there are a lot of benefits of going with the option of finding an office for rent in Dubai rather than purchasing it especially when you are yet to grow your business. So, let’s begin with the worth of investing benefits of leasing small office space for rent in Dubai.

  • Portability

An obvious benefit of renting out a workspace in a place like Dubai is that you enjoy the flexibility. As you tend to grow your business and plan to switch for a better and spacious environment, you can immediately shift the office and move into a bigger one without having to care about the hassles and tussles of buying and selling procedures that consume a lot of time as well as energy.

  • Convenience

When you purchase your own property, most of the time you have to start from zero which means you have to rebuild everything from the beginning including furniture, interior and anything similar.

On the other hand, there are a number of companies that offer serviced offices for rent in Dubai that are either partially or fully furnished depending upon your requirements which make things a lot more easier.

  • No Maintenance Cost

The best part about renting out a property is that as you are not the owner of the asset, you are not responsible for any kind of maintenance cost as well which sometimes also includes utility bills and similar stuff. The owners of serviced offices Dubai make sure to provide you with maximum assistance.

  • Working Capital

The initial goal of any firm or business is to generate maximum revenue with the minimum investment so as to grow the business by investing in the marketing strategies later. You can easily rent out a cheap office space in Dubai that would help you retain more amount of capital by investing minimum working capital.

  • Diversity

Some sort of businesses require reachable work spots for their clients’ ease which keeps varying from time to time as per the occupational growth. In case of a solo startup, you can also hog for a Shared office space Dubai that is relatively convenient in terms of rental fees and bills, etc. which is definitely a huge plus at every end.

What are the essentials of renting an office in Dubai?

As Dubai is one of the most visited cities in the world, people dream to set up their businesses in such an adventurous place and most of the businessmen start with commercial office space for rent in Dubai.

However, it is mandatory for a business that is being run either in Dubai or rest of the UAE to have a physical outlet in Dubai as per the regulations of administration which is why the business owners who can’t afford to own a property initially rent out a cheap office space in Dubai.

In order to rent an office in Dubai, one must have to pay a deposit amount to book the workspace and contact a real estate agent who would prepare all the essential documents of the lease so as to hand over space to you under legal agreements with the owner himself.

You must be very clear about your terms and conditions regarding the rental space and mention them to the real estate service provider so as to make every settlement prior to signing the contract.

Points to consider while renting an office in Dubai

Although renting a property has a lot of benefits as compared to purchasing it, there are some points to ponder while booking rentals in Dubai.

  • Accessibility

No matter how appealing marketing strategies you use for your business to thrive, if it is not reachable for the common people, the growth rate decreases drastically. The best part about renting an office is that you are free to fly from location to location depending on certain things like growth of the business, client’s accessibility and upgrading, etc.

So, if you have been searching for office space for rent near me, make sure the location is also feasible for the clients and the environment is beneficial for you and your business as well.

  • Amenities

Another important aspect is to assess the facilities provided by the owners and make sure you are not paying more than what you are being served. You can also find a furnished office for rent in Dubai along with the health and safety regulations as well as basic utilities. The key, yet again, is to make your requirements clear to the real estate service providers so that they help you find your desired workspace.

  • Serviced office

When you are about to launch a startup, your budget is usually restricted as it is definitely risky to pour in so much for something that you are unsure would pay back or not. In such cases, you have to go for a shared office space for rent in Dubai. The shared items include furniture, Wi-Fi, store, lounge, and some other basic facilities. It makes things convenient and budget-friendly as well as help you grow in a secure environment.

  • Parking

People often hesitate to deal with service providers who own an office on busy road fronts with no parking area around. It also devalues the quality of your services so make sure the office you are renting out either has a nice parking lot or some parking area in surroundings to minimize the chaos for the patrons.

  • Beware of the hidden costs

It is not necessary that everything mentioned on the lease is what you have to pay in order to get your hands on the rental office space. Be prepared for the hidden charges that include Value added tax, utility bills, repair costs and anything similar. You may ask the real estate provider to mention any of such hidden charges on the contract.

What are the ideal locations for offices in Dubai?

With the introduction of Dubai Expo 2020 and 10-year residency laws, Dubai has almost turned into a commercial hub and it is proving to be a home for the new business owners as well. The question that people ask a lot is which location is the best to launch a startup in Dubai? So, here we go with the top 5 localities that according to us are the ideal ones.

  • Business Bay

As per the name, business bay owns the lion’s share in Dubai’s commercial spots. It is situated at the central location to all the popular spots of the city which makes it an ideal spot for business. There are a number of office spaces for rent in business bay Dubai with modern amenities that are ideal for thriving businesses.

Jumeirah Lake Towers

With ravishing waterfront views and heightened buildings, Jumeirah Lake towers is an ideal spot both for residential as well as commercial purpose. It is easily accessible through two metro stations which adds value to your office space. 

  • Sheikh Zayed Road

The iconic Sheikh Zayed Road offers a huge range of office spaces including shared, commercial, serviced and independent offices. It is basically a hub for most of the running businesses around Dubai as well as UAE. Renting an office in such a huge place is definitely a strong achievement.

  • DEIRA 

Deira market is also one of the most known commercial spots in Dubai. It is basically home to hundreds of trading businesses as well as famous tourists spot. If you offer the services that would attract the tourists, we would highly recommend renting an office space in the Deira market.

  • Bur Dubai

Bur Dubai is the most loved area by the expat community. It offers an ideal mix of residential and commercial properties. Connected with metro stations, bus stations, and taxi stands, it is easily accessible for the common people which makes it an perfect spot to start and introduce your business.


In order to start a business and that too far away from your home you must be very cautious of certain things that may become a hurdle in the future. It is the job of the real estate service provider to guide you thoroughly about the entire procedure and help you get your desired property. Al Burooj has highly skilled staff that are well-trained to guide the clients regarding every thick and thin of renting an office space in Dubai. So, even if you don’t have any of your friend or relative for assistance you can always rely on the top-notch real estate agents from Al Burooj. Whether you are looking for office space for rent in business bay Dubai or any another posh/common area you would be entertained with complete dedication.