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Villas For Rent In Dubai

The Ultimate Guide to Rent a Villa in Dubai

Are you thinking about renting a villa in Dubai? This idea can prove to be quite daunting if you are renting a property for the first time. There are some locations that are quite famous for renting villas; for example, villa for rent in Al-Qusais, Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Hills are the ones which get rented the most. There are many factors which you have to take into account other than just location of the property you are getting for rent. Let us have a look at some of these factors so that whenever you are planning to get a villa for rent in Dubai, you have an insight into the whole process and you can make the best decision for yourself.

Start Your Search

The first thing is to start your search and looking in the right direction is quite crucial if you want to get landed with the best villa for rent in Dubai. Otherwise, you may end up regretting your decision afterwards. If you are careful and know what you are looking for, then you may get yourself a property rented from cheap villas for rent in Dubai which are only cheap when it comes to their rent and definitely not in any other means. Getting yourself a good real estate dealer also helps a lot and makes the whole process of finding a good rental property less troublesome and stressful.

Don’t let yourself get carried away

Another important thing is to maintain your focus and not let yourself get carried away. It’s quite possible that when you are looking for a villa for rent in Dubai and find something that suits your needs and feels just like your dream home, you get carried away. People get excited and overlook certain things which are quite important to consider when renting luxury villas for rent in Dubai. Mostly, it is done because the time is quite limited and people want to secure their dream property as soon as possible.

Although this factor is quite valid yet the property must be examined thoroughly before you decide to get it for rent especially in case of cheap villas for rent in Dubai. However, when you really shift in your villa, you seem to realize that you have ignored certain aspects of the property which you really should have considered when renting that villa in Dubai. Let us have a look at some of the things which you should always consider when getting cheap or luxury villas for rent in Dubai.

Things to Look for When Renting Villas in Dubai

Here is a list of a few things which you must consider when booking villas for rent in Dubai. The first and foremost ones are the facilities and amenities that the villa is exhibiting. Let us have a look at this aspect in detail.

1- Amenities

A villa is nothing without a wide range of amenities and modern facilities. These amenities and facilities can be some basic ones and luxury ones as well. The most important one of these amenities include the number of rooms that your villa has. The idea of a separate dining room and a separate living room is always appreciated when it comes to renting big houses like villas. Other than that, a swimming pool, a small gymnasium, and a home theatre are some facilities that luxury villas for rent in Dubai mostly feature.

2- Neighborhood

The next thing that you should focus on when getting a villa for rent in Dubai is the neighborhood. Afterall, you will have to live in that area and it is quite important to have a close check on the neighborhood and make sure that it is safe to live there. Also, your neighborhood decides what type of people you are going to have a community with. Also, some areas charge a heavy rental fee than other ones, therefore, you must take this into account as well.

3- Taxes

The next important thing is the tax to which every tenant is liable. Property taxes are quite important to consider especially when it comes to villa for rent in dubai monthly. Therefore, you must know how much money you are going to lose over property taxes and then make your decision accordingly. Of course, luxury villas for rent in Dubai in a good neighboorhood are going to have high property taxes.

Dubai Hills villas for rent, villa for rent in Al-Qusais, Palm Jumeirah villas for rent and some other furnished villas for rent in Dubai fall under this category. A good property dealer can help you alot with these things or you can always visit the assessment office of the municipal and get all the information related to property tax from there. Other residents of the area can also help you alot but still a real estate dealer is always a good choice.

4- Rate of Crime

Another thing to keep your eye on while booking villa for rent in Dubai is the rate of crime of the neighborhood in which the villa is situated. You can easily find the statistics and a detailed information on the topic from the local police department. The police has accurate information with facts and figures, therefore, this will be the mst authentic resource which you may get if you want to check the rate of crime in your area. Check for vandalism, theft, and even for serious crimes.

5- Maintenance

Maintenance and key upgrades are important if you want to get a villa for rent in Dubai. Renovations and necessary upgrades are always needed if you are renting a property. If you are renting  property for the first time, then you may not be aware of the importance of maintenance. These things should be set before hand with the owner so that you may not have to face any problem or inconvenience afterwards. Ask for a full upgrade before moving into your villa. You can even ask for necessary renovations but all of this depends on the flexibility of the villa’s owner.

6- Job Market

If you are looking for a villa for rent in Dubai, then another thing on which you should focus on is the job market of the area in which you are planning to rent a villa. Yes, this factor is also important if you are a job holder and you have to switch your job because of change of neighborhood. To gain more information on this topic, you can check out more details with the US Bureau of Labor Statistics who have detailed information with facts and figures on the job market of a particular place. Another option is to do some research and visit the market to know about job offers and stuff. Mostly, residential areas which are close to key commercial areas have expensive villas i.e. villas for rent in Palm Jumeirah. Therefore, you should do your research well.

7- Cost of Natural Disasters

Cost of the repairs needed because of natural disasters is another factor which you must take into account before getting a villa for rent in Dubai. Because this expense gets deducted from the returns, therefore, it is quite important to have sound knowledge of the cost you are going to bear because of natural disasters which include floods, earthquakes, etc.

How to Find the Right Villa for Rent

Here are a few steps which you must take if you want to get landed with the right property that proves to be quite profitable for you.

Checking the rate of vacancy of villas in your area is a must and requires your special attention. Because if it is high, then it is definitely not a good sign.

Also, checking the amenities and likelihood of living in that area is also a key point on which you should pay attention.

Then you should check out the selling rates of different products in order to get an insight into the market value of that neighborhood.

Also, it is advisable to have a look into the rents of other villas in that area to get an idea about the average rent of villas in that neighborhood. This will also help you know if you are being charged according to market value or not.

Best locations to Get a Villa for Rent in Dubai

Villas go with a calm and peaceful environment, and suit a place which is a little away from the usual hustle and bustle of the main city. Palm Jumeirah villas for rent are quite famous along with Al-Furjan villas for rent. So, you can always check out these locations even if you are looking for a 2 bedroom villa for rent in Dubai.

The process of finding a villa for rent in Dubai may prove to be a little tiring but with the right research and help, you can get yourself a nice and decent villa to live in.