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Villas for sale in Dubai

The Ultimate Guide to Buy a Villa in Dubai

Are you looking for villas for sale in Dubai? If yes, then this guide will be the ultimate solution to all of your needs and will provide answers to all the questions you have in mind. However, before you decide to invest in Dubai and make it your dream home, it is quite important to understand the reasons to invest. Here are some of them which will make your decision to buy a villa for sale in Palm Dubai or anywhere else easier than ever.

1- Business-Friendly Locations

The locations in Dubai are investor-friendly and due to the rising economy and the policies that safeguard the entire economy of Dubai, it is considered to be an economic hub and a great place to invest in especially in the property sector. There is very minimal control of the government over these entities and the regulation of the private sector further regulates the investment process thus facilitating any person to buy a villa in Dubai.

2- Dream Location

Dubai is the place of dreams and is situated at a strategic location as it is located at the junction of Asia, Africa, and Europe. This is the reason that it connects its residents with a great number of the world’s most eminent markets. Therefore, its strategic location makes it an excellent and profitable place to invest in.

3- Economic Stability and Security

Dubai is an economically stable country and incorporates diversity as well. Therefore, it is safe to say that this region is economically stable and secure as well, hence giving investors one more good reason to invest here and bear the unlimited fruits of investment.

4- Minimal or No Tax Fee

Another advantage of investing in Dubai is that no tax fee is charged most of the time when buying villas. Sometimes the fee is charged but its very less. The residential apartments, houses, and villas are free from Value Added Tax which is the main attraction for buyers looking to buy property in Dubai.

5- Spectacular Infrastructure

Dubai has a wide range of attractions, not only for tourists but for its own residents as well. One of these eminent attractions is the spectacular infrastructure that it features. Investing in a villa or any other property in Dubai is quite fruitful because of its telecommunications and other infrastructures.

How to Buy a Villa in Dubai?


Buying a villa for sale in Dubai may sound like a very difficult and exhaustive task but with the right guidance, this complicated and tiring procedure can prove to be quite hassle-free. We at Al-Burooj make sure to take you in the right direction and help you find cheap villas for sale in Dubai without you facing any obstacles. One of the best things about buying a villa in Dubai is that the government bodies and the Dubai Land Department have made this whole process very convenient to facilitate all buyers.

Steps to Buy a Villa in Dubai

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The following steps ensure a smooth and easy process in order to buy a villa in Dubai. Let us have a look.

  • The first step is to reach a real estate developer and submit an application for buying a villa.

  • The application is then processed and the buyer has to contact the developer and meet him if the application is approved. The day is scheduled so that the property can be selected and the initial deposit is paid.

  • After the initial deposit is paid by the buyer, he/she receives the ownership of it after two to three years at max which is notified by the developer.

Things to do When You are Short on Money

It may happen that you are unable to make the complete payment of the villa you wish to buy. In that case, leaving the property which you have found with hard work is not the best decision. You can always go for a mortgage application. All you have to do is prepare an excellent application and you must have the following documents with you for this purpose.

  • Your current and previous salary slips
  • A salary letter
  • Passport size photographs
  • Proper proof of living address
  • A copy of your passport in which your photograph and visa page is visible
  • A copy of the latest credit card statements
  • A copy of your Emirates ID Card

Things to Look for in a Villa

Before buying a villa, you must understand and know about the things and features to look for in luxury villas for sale in Dubai. Everyone wants their dream home to be luxurious and beautiful. In a digital world, we are living in today, it becomes quite difficult to make a decision because of the unlimited variety that is made available to everyone especially when it comes to real estate. Ready villas for sale in Dubai offer a wide range of facilities. Therefore, the decision must be made carefully. Here are a few things which you must look for while buying a villa for sale in Dubai.

1- Features

The first and foremost thing to look for when looking to buy a villa in Dubai is its features and the different amenities it provides. Having a swimming pool is one of the most basic requirements of a luxurious villa. The living area should be spacious enough and all rooms especially the ones occupied by the main area should be well furnished and adequately designed. With the right search, you can even find villas for sale in Dubai for 1 Million providing all amenities of life.

Opulence and innovation must be present in the interior design of the villa. These are some of the most basic requirements. However, there are some other facilities that further add to the beauty and luxury of a villa. Some of these luxuries include a home theatre, an in-house spa, gymnasium, play area for kids and entertainment areas. Even some of the villas for sale in Dubai come with golf courses, mini ones of course.

2- A Strategic and Beautiful Location

Location is a very important factor that you must take into account when looking for a villa for sale in Dubai. Because even if it has all the facilities and amenities that a person could wish for, but is not ideally or beautifully located, it can lose its worth up to a considerable level. Everyone has their own preferences and desires when it comes to location.

Each buyer has his/her own set of preferences. Some look for the proximity of the villa to the main city or certain other eminent locations, while others look for a peaceful environment with a beautiful landscape. You can even have 1 bedroom villa for sale in Dubai, 2 bedroom villa for sale in Dubai, and 3 bedroom villa for sale in Dubai at very reasonable rates.

3- Well-Maintained

Another important thing to consider when looking for villas for sale in Dubai is to look for property that is well-maintained. A house in shambles attracts no one and the negligence it has suffered over the years makes its foundations weak so even if you renovate it, it won’t do you any good. A little investment is always needed to maintain a property but it is crucial to keep the market value of the villa high.

4- Interior Design and Construction

The design and construction of a villa should be impeccable to make it breath-taking and beautiful beyond measures The interior of a villa must complement its location and exterior.

Therefore, a special focus must be given to its architecture, interior design, exterior design, and of course to its furnishings as well. Everyone wants a villa that is spectacular and luxurious and all the above-mentioned features must be present in it for it to be grand and aesthetically pleasing.

Where to buy villas in Dubai?

This is another important factor that must be taken into account when looking to buy villas for sale in Dubai hills estate, Palm Dubai, or any other location. There are many amazing and breathtaking locations in these locations of Dubai that are perfect for the establishment of a villa. However, such locations have to be properly explored and looked for. Also, you can find many beautiful 4 bedroom villa for sale in Dubai and 5 bedroom villa for sale in Dubai at very strategic locations with beautiful landscape.

Especially villas for sale in Downtown Dubai are famous for their luxury and facilities, however, villas for sale in Emirates Hills are famous for their beautiful location. We at Al-Burooj know every nook and corner of Dubai and this is why our guidance can help you find your dream home at a strategic and beautiful location that will complement the villa you are buying.

The best locations for buying villas for sale in Dubai are generally the coastlines and beaches for which Dubai is famous, all over the world. Such locations add to the beauty of a villa and the beautiful landscape allows you to have a luxurious lifestyle in a calm and peaceful environment. Abu Dhabi, Kor Al-Faqqan, Al-Ain, Hatta, Jebel Ali are some of the locations that provide an excellent setup for villas for sale in Dubai.

Most people look for quiet and serenity when buying villas and these coastal towns of Dubai are the perfect locations for such establishments. A secluded area in a beautiful landscape is always welcome for the establishment of a spectacular villa and we happen to know plenty of such locations in Dubai to help you fix with the villa of your dreams.